Industrial real estate services in Mexico

Local knowledge

Prodensa Select is an industrial and commercial real estate firm born from the strategic alliance between Grupo Prodensa and Select Regional Solutions that integrates the best local knowledge in Real Estate with the Operative experience in all the industrial markets of Mexico.

We offer a wide span of services for both Tenant and Landlord Representation, in any of our locations in Central Mexico, Northwest, North or North-east Mexico.

Our philosophy goes beyond showing properties; we want to stay involved in the transaction as long as we are needed to help you to find the best solution.

We are leaders in consulting services in Mexico with more than 30 years of experience.

Prodensa Select offers a formal Site Selection Methodology; a standardized, yet individualized to specific Project, real estate selection process, to objectively evaluate options; understand the advantages and disadvantages, including the lowest overall manufacturing costs of multiple variables such as available labor, logistics and sourcing for a particular specific industry, in selecting the best geographic region, city and specific site location.

Allowing Prodensa Select, as an outsider, to be part of your site selection process, gives you the advantage of experienced professionals, with no conflicts of interest, predisposed opinions nor prejudices to be an integral part of your site selection team. We can bring an objective, methodological; critical eye and approach, to the selection process. This helps your team to deeply question their own site selection criteria and have the peace of mind that the homework has been done for the right (objective and methodological) selection of the new site.

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